VRUK is designed for you to learn, talk and play in a unique and informal environment. Our programme is flexible so that you can mix and match sessions to create a personalised experience that suits your needs.

Big Talks

We’ve gathered world-leading practitioners and technologists to discuss the latest developments in technology and showcase their groundbreaking projects. With keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and in conversation with sessions, we’ll be opening up the debate around the creative future of virtual reality.

Exploration Zone

If you are looking to get your hands on the latest equipment and experience new filmmaking and gaming projects, the Exploration Zone is the perfect place to visit.

Research Sessions

Designed to bring together leading companies in VR with alumni, staff, artists and designers, our research sessions focus on cutting-edge and experimental applications of VR.  Theses sessions truly reflect the heart of Ravensbourne’s research mission; to develop new advances in technologies: design, digital media and communication. Come with us on a journey to devise new processes and collaborations with academic, industry-based, and practitioner expertise!


Our workshops are smaller, more practically based than the Big Talks. We’re planning a diverse range of sessions to encompass the latest hot topics. Gain more in-depth understanding of the challenges and solutions to working within the world of VR by participating in our workshop sessions.


There’s plenty of networking time for you to meet new potential collaborators and like-minded people in a relaxed and unique environment.